Bellacima Lodge

Bellacima Lodge

All you need to know about your chalet…

Welcome to Alpine Escape and to Bellacima Lodge…

We would firstly like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing Alpine Escape this winter, and to welcome you to your alpine home for the week. This page aims to provide answers to the most asked questions about your chalet and chalet life. It gives some guidelines to make your stay as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. The are also other QR links that gives information on the village, restaurant guides, ski schools and much more…

We hope you have a fabulous stay! 

Neil and Jo Williams

Directors and Founders, Alpine Escape

Covid-19 and your holiday…

We at Alpine Escape want to make this winter as special and welcoming as possible, especially as we know you all need a good holiday! We pride ourselves on our exacting attention to detail and this winter will be no different: our amazing chefs and housekeepers will ensure a spotlessly clean chalet for your friends and family to relax and unwind after such a turbulent year.

Our normal service for catered or self-catered properties applies, but we are fully flexible and our team is ready to discuss your needs and put a plan in place for your arrival. We can offer as much or as little contact with our staff as you wish, with flexible cleaning and cooking programs to suit your needs. Every effort and action from our team to keep your chalet a safe haven throughout your stay will be in place.

please read our full Alpine Escape Covid-19 safety guidelines at the end of this page.

Covid-19 rules when skiing…

Société des 3 Vallées has put in place the following rules for this winter to keep everyone safe on the mountain:

  • It is compulsory to wear a mask on all lift systems including whilst in the queue. (the only exception is the drag lifts)
  • You will also be required to download the French health pass (Pass Sanitaire) showing your vaccination status or that your have passed a recent covid test (within 72 hrs) .

Concierge service… 

We offer a concierge service for all our guests to help make your holiday that little bit easier. Whether it’s finding the best restaurants (or the cheapest!) on the mountain or help with local knowledge to get the most from your holiday, we can help. The concierge number is 0033 7 68 00 08 13


Your chalet Wifi code is: ChaletBellacima1

Getting to the Piste – Lifts to and from the Chaudanne…

Your driver will take you in the morning and pick you up after a hard day on the piste, please chat to your host to organise times.

There is also a frequent handy free Meribel shuttle service just on the corner of your road that takes you directly to the slopes and returns you close to the chalet.

If for any reason you get caught out and need us , please call our concierge service on 0033 7 68 00 08 13.

Complimentary bar…

We operate an open bar of house wines, bubbly, beers and soft drinks at all times so please help yourselves. There are also tea and coffee making facilities.

Our catered service… 

Your holiday includes a five-day catered service with the chef and host taking their days off Tuesdays and Thursdays on a normal week. On these days your host will lay out your breakfast the night before and our support team will come in after you leave for skiing to clear away and lay out afternoon tea and cake.

On one of these evenings your chef can prepare an oven-ready meal for you to heat up yourself, which may have been pre-ordered by our pre-holiday concierge or can be organised by our support team in resort. If you are dining out in a restaurant this may have been arranged by our pre-holiday concierge or our resort team can arrange this for you and there are many lovely restaurants in the village to choose from. 

Meal times

These times are our guidelines for your group, your chef and host are more than happy to work to different meal times to suit your holiday so please chat to chef. If you fancy a lie in one day and want a later breakfast – go for it, you are on holiday!

  • Breakfast is served between 8.00am – 9.00am.

(Breakfast is always a great time to organise your day so please mention a time if you would like to all eat together)

  • Afternoon tea will be laid out after breakfast until 6pm.
  • Evening meal will normally begin 7.30-8pm.
  • Children’s suppers at 6.00pm.


The water in the chalet is pure and safe to drink.


Hand towels, bath towels, and bath mats are changed midweek.

Take away those aches and pains in the hot tub & swim spa..

Both the swim spa and the hot tub are not supervised by the Alpine Escape team so please take care and all children should be fully supervised by an adult.

The hot tubs are one of the best ways to relax after a strenuous day on the piste and these guidelines enable us to keep the hot tubs clean and safe for you all and all our staff have been fully trained in their safe upkeep.

  • The hot tub is out of action for your first evening as the water is changed weekly and takes 12 hours to heat up.
  • Opening times are all day up until evening meal (8pm). After this time the tub is chlorinated for 12 hours.
  • Please shower before use
  • Children under 12 should not use the hot tub due to the extremes in temperatures – the water is kept at a constant 38 degrees celsius. It will take 12 hours for the temperature to rise or fall once you have changed the temperature.
  • Please use slippers provided when going to the tub and refrain from jumping in and out to cool down in the snow as muck and debris will block the filters and dirty the water.
  • The recommended time in the hot tub is 20 minutes. Please put the lid back on the hot tub when you have finished.
  • Should you take drinks into the hot tub please ensure that you use the plastic cups provided – please don’t take glasses or bottles to the tub.

Swim Spa specific guidelines…

  • The swim spa is open each day and the temperature is set at 28 degrees, cooler than the tub and the perfect temperature to swim.
  • It will take two adults to lift the covers off so please ask a member of staff to help with this.

Outdoor Sauna…

The sauna is a great way to relax and unwind after a day on the piste, you can use the Sauna at any time up till 8pm in the evening and your host will show you how to switch it on, it takes around 30 minutes to heat up. There is a handy sign on the Sauna wall for more information, enjoy!

Cinema room…

Bellacima Lodge is equipped with a great cinema room for everyone to enjoy, just ask the team to switch is on for you and watch your favourite DVD in your own private cinema!

Chalet Elevator…

Tired legs? the chalet lift runs 24 hours a day, please do not use it in the event of a fire and any under 12’s to be accompanied.

Outdoor clothing and shoes…

We provide slippers for all guests and have a no outdoor shoe policy within the chalet. Please leave all shoes and boots in the boot room and change from wet ski gear before having that first slice of afternoon cake. The boot room is also an ideal drying area for all your jackets, gloves and hats ready for the next day.

Under floor heating…

Some bedrooms are equipped with under floor heating which is controlled individually from a thermostat on the bedroom wall, you will find it gets extremely warm in the bedrooms and may need to adjust it accordingly. This heating system takes around six hours to heat up or cool down.


There are a number of wall radiators in the lounges, boot rooms and some bedrooms – please do not be tempted to leave gloves or clothing on them or shoes and boots against them – they may damage your kit. The bathrooms have heated towel rails which also get very hot and can melt gloves and synthetic clothing, especially swimming costumes.

Security and ski rooms…

The chalets’ main entrances have digital code locks and you will be given the code. Always make sure that the outside doors and windows of your room are closed and locked before leaving. Please make sure you turn the digital lock on the main doors when leaving and check that it has engaged by trying the door.

please leave all you ski gear in the garage and boots on the boot heaters to be toasty warm by the morning.

All bedrooms have been fitted with safes for your small valuable items.


If you are the last person to bed and the hosts have gone for the evening please ensure that the lounge lights and any audio or visual equipment are switched off

Could the last person to bed in the evening please ensure that the fires are safe – pull down glass, shut doors where necessary. Never load fires up with logs after hosts have left.

Mountain awareness… 

If you or one of your party need medical assistance on the piste you will firstly need to check your position by the piste markers on the side of the run. Telephone 0479 089900 and explain your problem quoting the run you are on and the marker closest to you.

Please wear adequate protection and helmets when enjoying the mountain, whether you are skiing, snowboarding or sledging.

Gratuities and tips…

We do not make a service charge, however if you do wish to leave a tip this will go directly to the chalet team that have looked after you.

Chalet check out…

Guests are kindly asked to vacate the chalet by 10.00 on departure day so that the chalet can be prepared for incoming guests.

And finally…

Your chalet team are here to support and help you have a fantastic time! If you need any thing at all – don’t hesitate to ask!



Safety and cleanliness procedures implemented at each chalet will be adjusted in consideration of International & National practices, government requirements & guidance and the situation where the chalet is located.

Alpine Escape Ski recommends the following steps to prevent the spread of all respiratory viruses:

  1. Washing hands with soap & water when possible and alcohol hand gels/sanitizer stations at each chalet entrance/exit.
  2. Avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  3. Avoiding a cough or sneeze using the Elbow where required.
  4. Avoiding close contact with people who are sick.
  5. Staying away from work or other people if you become sick with respiratory symptoms like fever and cough.
  6. Sanitise and disinfection of all work surfaces in the work area at regular intervals using industrial grade products.
  7. Daily disinfection through anti-vuricidal treatment and cleaning of all hand contact items like light switches, door handles, vehicles and common use objects.
  8. Masks are obligatory in all public places outside of the chalet, if entering the kitchen areas or spaces where chalet staff are working a distance of 1m is recommended and masks worn.
  9. Restriction of traffic into chalets. Client visits can be done remotely, less contact more care.
  10. Increased training of all Alpine Escape Employees to recognise the importance of this Charter and how to implement it, maintain it & improve it.
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